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Monday, December 11, 2006

Global Writeathon for Human Rights

Last night I gathered with some members of my humanitarian group to write letters. Within an hour and a half, we had over 50 done.

December 10 is the anniversary of the day the United Nations adopted its resolution on human rights. In honor of this occassion, people from all over the world gathered yesterday to write for human rights.

We sent letters to prisoners of conscience throughout the world. Like to the blind Chinese man who helped villagers organize to launch a protest against their local government, which was forcing women to undergo sterilizations and abortions. Like to the Nobel Peace Price nominne from Uzbekistan, who is in prison for speaking out against a massacre that was perpetrated by her government. Like to the Evangelical Christian minister from Eretria, who is in prison for practicing his religion.

Our 50 cards and letters may not do much to help these prisoners of conscience, but combined with all the other thousands of letters from all over the world, they may just win these people better food, fewer beatings, and a speedier trial or release. I hope so.


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