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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Thoughts of a Traveler

Last week, Mike and I returned from a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is in the southern part of Mexico and is characterized by its highly indigenous population. We particularly enjoyed seeing so many people in their native dress walking around the capital city. In this picture to the left, Mike is standing next to some old women who sold their weavings on the street. We thought these two little old women were so cute. This is probably the only picture we will ever have where 5'10 Mike looks like a giant!

We also enjoyed the main square of the city. Every evening the local children would joyously hit these long skinny balloons into the air as high as they could. This second picture contains Mike hitting our balloon.

One of my biggest hesitations about going to Mexico was my fear that I would see desperate poverty and sickness. However, I came away with the feeling that this was a wonderful place and most peple seemed to be living happy lives. Sure, they didn't have the huge plethora of material goods so many Americans believe are necessities. They didn't drive nice cars or have single family homes. They didn't have huge Wal-Marts and fast food everywhere they turned. But they were fine. Just fine. I liked the way families would gather in the square in the evening, hit ballons, listen to the music, and just enjoy each other. I realized that there was no need to pity these people for not having all the stuff I had, and no need to feel sorry for the rest of the world for not living in the U.S., land of convenience and consumerism.


Blogger jana said...

Caroline, where are the pictures of you??? :)

8/28/2005 11:10 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Mike's better eye candy than I am in photos :)

8/30/2005 11:34 AM  
Blogger amelia said...

maybe we should pity americans for not knowing how to just gather and enjoy each other . . .

8/30/2005 9:38 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Jana is right. I want to see pictures of you!

9/09/2005 6:21 PM  

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