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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Night

I am watching Northanger Abbey right now, and am finding strange and frightening parallels between myself and Catherine Moreland.

a) we're both are/have been addicted to Gothic, trashy literature.
b) we both end up with good tempered, sensible, straitlaced clergymen.


Blogger Brooke said...

Hahah! I wonder what Jane Austen character I would find frightening parallels with. Let's watch together one of these Sunday nights.

1/21/2008 11:45 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Let's explore this some more...

Similar: my dad did not kill my mom (whew!). Different: my mom is not dead.

Similar: I like to tease you. Different: You like to tease me, too.

Similar: I'm lean like the good guy. Different: my face is probably more like gorilla man's face.

Similar: my brother likes attractive women. Different: but he is more of a clergyman than I am.

1/24/2008 2:05 PM  

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