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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sunstone West

I just got back from my day at Sunstone. A good day. E spent the day with Mike's parents, so we were free to enjoy the various sessions. I particularly loved the Why I Stay session. Here are some of my favorite memories from that session:

1. The cute old man who got out his temple rec and waved it around and then also showed us his Obama pin that he wears everywhere. And the fact that he wears it is such a way that he can conceal it around people who would be uncomfortable with it.
2. Claudia's energetic presentation. What a fun speaker. I particularly loved her ending point. She stays because the Church needs her. Needs women of age and experience like her who have proved their loyalty and are free to give non standard answers in SS or RS, thereby giving permission to the younger women to do likewise.
3. M.T.'s whole presentation. I loved how honest he was about how difficult his mission was and how troubled he was by the priesthood ban. I was touched by his stories of losing two of his children and the way his ward rallied around him. I rarely think much about my own dead father, but I was struck by the thought that I would have loved to have a father like this man.


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