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Saturday, August 29, 2009

E tales

E is doing better with A than I expected. He whines a bit when I nurse her and sometimes claims, "I have to nurse myself!" - meaning he wants me to get up from the glider and let him sit there. But no physical violence yet.

His most common refrain regarding the baby is "I don't like the way she's looking at me." Strange since the baby's eyes are usually closed when he says that.

Mike and I have been dividing and conquering when it comes to child care. I usually have the baby, and Mike often takes Evan. One new development in E's play routine is pushing his cars along this road mat that we bought. On it there's a fast food joint, at which E often orders 'snaucy barrages.' Apparently they are made from shampoo and cost 30 cents each.

Mike is also trying to start a routine where he does a page of a preschool workbook a day. A few days ago Mike was trying to get E to color the apples with the letter d in them - a difficult task with E constantly getting off his chair and running away. When Mike finally got him to finish, his commentary to me was, "I know he's young, but a scholar he AIN'T." So true. His preschool teacher agrees. She told me he was 'resistant to learning.'