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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Note to a Friend who has left the Church

I am so happy for you, that you’ve found a community and an institution whose values resonate deeply with yours.

I am sad, however, for the Mormon community. They are the losers here. They are the ones who won’t be enlightend and expanded because you won’t be there to give your thoughtful comments. Because you won’t be there on Sunday to stand as living examples of a Mormonism that doesn’t fit the conservative, orthodox stereotype.

But regardless, I understand that following your conscience is paramount. Nothing is worth having your soul stifled.

I, as you know, am planning on a life in which I remain an active LDS. And I hope to God that it won’t crush my soul. I’m hoping my presence and my openness about my pain over women’s subordination will minutely help the church move forward. It will be interesting, at the end of my life, to look back and figure out if my staying was worth it, if it did any good in the end.

May we all follow our faith journeys with as much integrity as you have.


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