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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mike's the best man ever

This last weekend we drove up north to chaperone my high school students for the yearly Latin convention.

I'm obligated to go as their teacher, and Mike was nice enough to agree to drive up with me to help chaperone. This was great because otherwise I would have had to share a hotel room with a parent which is always a bit awkward.

The whole weekend Mike did the majority of looking after baby as I carried out whatever assignments I was told to do. And he was so concerned about one of my students who was having a miserable time because no one was hanging out with him or including him. We would see this kid crumpled up in a corner alone, sometimes crying, and Mike was so disturbed by this. He kept bringing it up and tried to figure out ways we could help this kid. I was really impressed by what a nice guy Mike is to care about and worry about this kid so much.


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