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Monday, August 13, 2007

My Kid is Driving Me Insane

What the hell is wrong with my kid? He just turned 1 a few days ago. And he spends most of his waking hours whining. Whining to be picked up. Whining to be put down. Then sobbing when he doesn't get his way. Then screaming with baby rage when I yank away the remotes, phones, and laptops from his reach.

I dread spending time with him in my house. The only way I've figured out to save my sanity is to throw him in the car and then push him around some type of mall. Now I understand why moms are always shopping. They have NO choice. It's either that or insanity.

Yesterday morning was one of the worst. He spent a whole hour crawling around and sobbing/screaming, and nothing I could do would shut him up. I told him a number of times that I was ready to throw him out the window. I went into the office at the height of my frustration and actually emitted an animal yell of rage. I even believe I yelled at him a bit.

So those are the bad times. And they are many. But there are a few moments when he's a nice baby. And he's started to kiss me on the lips which is really cute. Though it might seem creepy to others.

Here's to more cute, nice baby times and far fewer beastly awful baby times.


Blogger sealily said...

Caroline, I love your honesty. Exactly why full or part time work is mandatory for me. Not sure how people have 3, 4 or 8! (or how we are surviving 2). I can completely relate.

8/14/2007 10:49 AM  
Blogger jana said...

When C was that size I had a gum-chewing habit. When I blew bubbles I would let him 'eat them'. That seems so gross to me now. But he just loved it and so did I.

So to the whining/fussy you guys go to the park? Being outdoors often calmed my kids down. They could swing forever or just crawl around in the grass. The beach might also be a good option--little kids can play in the sand for hours!

If you even want my kids to come over to entertain E for awhile, just let me know. :)

8/14/2007 11:09 AM  
Blogger zeeny said...

When my first was about a year I threw a wet wipe container across the room in an atempt to let out some of my frustration. It did quiet my little one up for just a moment, enough time to realize what I had just done! Yes it was stupid but it did make me feel better for a short minute. Sometimes we do crazy things to avoid going insane! Good luck, I have a two year old now so I understand a bit! (by the way, I'm Amy's sister)

8/14/2007 8:39 PM  
Anonymous alise said...

p.s. my boys also love babies. Would be happy to have Evan over to play with boys--we could hang out while the boys play :)

8/15/2007 1:00 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Thanks for the support, women! Sealily, I'm coming to that same conclusion. Working part time sounds optimal. Let's definitely get together sometime.

Jana, I'm going to have to try the park again. In the past when I've taken him there, he has tended to eat dirt and grass. And I just took him to the beach today. He probably ate about a half cup of sand over the space of 2 hours. Very frustrating. Thanks for offering up your kids! I might have to take you up on it when I'm about to chuck him out the window.

Hi zeeny,
I suspected you were Amy's sister, since I've seen you comment on her blog. I can definitely relate to tossing objects accross the room. Haven't done it yet, but that's probably a preferable way to deal than to yell at my baby. Next time. :)

8/15/2007 10:47 PM  
Blogger jana said...

Our new place has a HUGE grassy field out back. CatGirl ate tons of grass, dirt and sand when she was E's age. It didn't seem to hurt her a bit :)

So why don't you come over soon! I may run a few errands tomorrow, but I'll be home most of the day--so give me a call...

8/20/2007 10:50 PM  
Blogger HavaNargila said...

I tend to just scream every once in a while -not AT him but just scream(sometimes go to another room), immediately after I look at him and smile so he sees that I'm not mad at him but just frustrated, and he smiles back. It's a nice way to let off some steam... like a steam engine. I envy that you can go driving to the mall with him. I am way too stressed because of the whining to be able to drive anywhere. Don't know why they whine so much. I wear him a lot and breastfeed him, which definitely helps. Whenever he's eating or being held he's happy. But SOMEtimes I have to do other stuff like use the bathroom. I love him to bits, but the whining definitely spazzes me out sometimes. How have women does this for thousands of years?

4/27/2009 2:03 PM  

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