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Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Conversation

Mike: I was watching Ocean's 11, and Julia Roberts really is strange looking. I think you're prettier.
Me. I am not prettier than Julia Roberts! I'm a slightly dumpy mom blob now. But that comment deserves a back rub anyway.
a couple minutes later...
Me: I'm SO glad I didn't marry someone really good looking.
Mike: Why?
Me: I don't have to worry about looking good all the time. And I don't have to worry about women constantly throwing themselves at you.
Mike: That totally makes sense.


Blogger john.white said...

Oh man, I totally think you're super-hot... Mike! Ok, that was funnier in my head.

2/17/2007 7:34 AM  
Blogger Bored in Vernal said...

I don't know you personally, but in this pic you are gorgeous and so is your DH!!

2/17/2007 12:03 PM  
Blogger Seymour Glass said...

Mike's totally right about how weird Julia looks. Never understood the fascination with her.

2/18/2007 12:15 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Nice one, John. :)

BOV, You're too kind. And let me say that that was an extraordinarily good picture of Mike. Usually he can't smile like a normal person when the camera's on him.

Seymore, I think she's got the striking thing going on. Tall, nice figure, big smile.

2/19/2007 8:25 PM  
Blogger Brooke said...

Hahaha! These are the best posts, Caroline. When I get to see glimpses of you and Mike at home. I love them.

2/20/2007 7:13 PM  
Blogger john.white said...

Don't you two know even the basic rules of Hollywood? Don't act with animals and don't act with kids! Mini-Mike is totally stealing the scene in that picture!

2/24/2007 9:34 PM  

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