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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Letter to an old friend I haven't talked to for 2 years

Hi _________! That is so exciting about getting published. Very, very cool. When it's out, let me know so I can buy a copy. What is the book about? And sorry to hear about your last pregnancy. That sounds absolutely Awful. I can't even imagine what it must be like to have to go through labor when there's no baby at the end of it all.

Life for me is good as well. Evan is 14 months now. Very very cute, but very very bad. Into everything, whiney, etc. It's a good thing he's so attractive and has such a cute smile, or I'd just chuck him out the window. Things have actually gotten better since I started teaching part time in the fall. He was driving me insane over the summer, so it's actually become a relief to get away from him for a few hours a day. I have also discovered the wonders of the local gym. Babysitting for $1.50 an hour while I get to work out in the morning. It's awesome. Though sadly I'm still chunky. (Lesson learned: never gain 60 lbs when you're pregnant.)

But overall, this year of motherhood has been a great experience. I've decided I like babies, even whiney ones, so I'm sort of planning on having three kids. This is a big leap for me. I never envisioned having more than two. And sometimes when my maternal juices are really flowing, I envision taking in foster kids, or adopting more kids, or maybe even having 4 of my own. Yikes! I'm trying to get pregnant again. My philosphy is to get this baby bearing over with ASAP.

I love the fact that you have this great creative outlet in your writing. I don't work on anything as serious as books, but I too have found a lot of satisfaction in writing. I'm a founder of the Exponent II blog, which is a site for progressive Mormon women. It's been fun to put up personal essays every couple of weeks and get feedback from everyone on my ideas. And to make all sorts of cool Mormon women friends in the cyber world. Sometimes, I even get personal emails from some of these women that read my stuff, thanking me for helping them stay in the Church by giving them a new way to look at a topic, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

But anyway, I'm still trying to figure out how everything will shake out for me professionally and personally. It looks like we'll probably be staying in Irvine for the rest of our lives. But I'm not convinced that high school teaching is really what I'm meant to do. I'm actually flirting with the idea of going back to grad school again. There's a great program in Women and Religion in Claremont which I'm thinking of applying to at some point. But it's a question of timing. Now, while I'm still in the child bearing phase, or later when they are older? Still unsure how it will all work out and even if that's the career path I'm supposed to be following in this life. Luckily Mike is supportive of me doing whatever I need to do to be happy and fulfilled.

Good luck with alll your writing, and to _____ with finishing up his school. Exciting that you guys are almost done with school. Any ideas where you might end up? Keep in touch!



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