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Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Hellish Sunday Afternoon

It all began with my hellish last night. Baby woke up and cried from 11 pm to 1:30 in the morning, with Mike and me alternately getting up and trying to get him to go to sleep.

This afternoon, I get home from church. It's naptime. I try to put him down. He cries for half an hour as I lie in a tired stupor on the couch willing him to go to sleep. I finally give in and go get him. He plays around in my bedroom for 45 five minutes, in which he chews up a cheese stick and spits it out on the carpet, falls off the bed, and head butts me in the face so hard I think my front tooth is loosened.

I put him down again with a fresh bottle of milk. He cries for five minutes, in which time I take off my skirt with the idea that I'll put on some jeans. I'm too tired to put my pants on so I just lie on the bed half dressed, and shortly the baby stops crying.

Then..... awful Eliza starts her horrible incessant barking. Baby starts crying again. Cursing, I charge downstairs, pounce on Eliza, and lock her in the study, while at the same time I realize there are actually people on my front porch (ergo the barking.)

I run into the laundry room looking for pants. No luck. So I run back upstairs and put on my jeans that are lying on the floor. By this time the poor people on the front porch have been standing there for at least 4 minutes. I run downstairs again and open the door. It's Nancy and Kelsey (?) dropping stuff off (yay!) for the Native Americans who have lost everything in the fires. I go outside with them as they unload the car, all the while feeling something mysteriously gooey rubbing up against the inside of my leg inside my jeans.

Yes, it's the chewed up string cheese that E spat out an hour ago, I discover after I close the door, now coating my leg and the inside of my jeans. Disgusting. But thank heavens the baby is finally no longer wailing. So, in a bad mood, I head to my computer to blog about this afternoon, so that it will live in infamy for posterity to enjoy.


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