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Sunday, May 04, 2008

It's been a long time

I've been avoiding my blog recently. Probably because I found out that my brother discovered my blog, and that traumatized me.

Anyway, things are going along swimmingly. The kids at school are rambunctious and loud, but they do make me laugh. E is really starting to talk. He's moving beyond just nouns and is saying things like "no pull, daddy." "hold, mama." His interest in moving vehicles is as fierce as ever, and he still likes women's shoes, too.

I'm still thinking that next year I'll go to grad school on a trial basis, and from there decide if I want to apply for the Ph.D program. It's a scary decision because I really have enjoyed my part time teaching job. Giving it up is a gamble. And by going to grad school, Mike and I will be taking a major financial hit. Luckily Mike is being very cool about that.

Other things on my mind:
  • I'm looking forward to my woman's retreat at the end of this month
  • I'm excited about our trip to Hawaii this summer (thank goodness economists deliberately pick awesome locations for conferences.)
  • I'm preparing a reading list for this summer so I can go into some of my fall classes not completely in the dark.
  • Still trying to get pregnant - will see a fertility doctor soon if there's no action.
  • I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for more humanitarian activities - so far we've done Habitat for Humanity, beach cleanup, school supplies for African orphans, Christmas adopt a family, clothes swaps. But I need more!
  • Life is good. Mike and I are doing great. E's doing great. I'm super lucky.


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