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Monday, February 19, 2007

Saint and Sinner

I stole this from Jana. Thanks, Jana!

In my comments, I try to be kind and patient with commenters at expblog that make me want to bash my head in, with the hope that ultimately I can build bridges. I dance and sing to baby Evan and play patty cake with him even though I don't want to. I do some laundry, add ingredients to my lentil soup, and buy ice cube trays so I can start making my own baby food, with the hope that I'll throw less food away if I can puree it and give it to baby. I pet and rub and worry about Sophia who I think is getting more and more depressed now that Sibyl is dead. I tell Mike what a good guy he is.

I mentally call several commenters over at expblog asses and fantasize about snide putdowns. I ignore baby for minutes on end, even though he is crying and wants me to pick him up. I take little joy in my day off since it's filled with mundanity. I try to avoid helping out with baby in the evening since I had him all day. I stress over all the schoolwork and housework I have to do. I glory in the horrendous violence in my favorite TV show 24. I don't pick up and clean as much as I should. I forget to get Mike's favorite pillow out of the car, which means he'll have to spend another night sleeping on a pillow he hates.


Anonymous Tanya Sue said...

“I mentally call several commenters over at expblog asses and fantasize about snide putdowns”. I don’t think you meant this to be funny, but I cannot stop laughing anyway. Thanks for making my day!

2/20/2007 1:36 PM  
Blogger Bored in Vernal said...

Ohhh, Caroline, your comments were elegant, apropos and restrained. You ARE as Saint!

2/20/2007 1:40 PM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Glad you enjoyed that. I think I originally had something even stronger that "asses" but I changed it to be nice.

BOV, thank you! I totally had to restrain myself.

2/22/2007 11:24 AM  

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