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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life Update

I've been a blog slacker. So here I am, with an update on my pregnancy and all sorts of other mundane information that no one should be interested in. 

I'm about 6 months pregnant now, and just got an ultrasound today. It looked bad initially. The placenta was almost completely blocking my cervix. That's a definite C-section. Then it looked like my cervix was too open. Hello, bed rest.  The technician decided to wait 15 minutes and do it again, and luckily things shifted (very strange). My placenta was still low, but not blocking. I attribute this change to gravity since they decided to put a huge pillow under my hips the second time around. My cervix also wasn't as open - apparently I had probably been having a contraction the first time. Very, very weird. I go back in another 4 weeks to see if things have improved.

Other than that, things are ok. Beast is terribly cute and charming, but a challenge. The things I have to do to get him to go to sleep - bribe him with marshmellows, threaten him, get him endless cups of water, fetch various cars from downstairs, cover him meticulously with his blanket, drug him with triaminic (I'm not proud of that), etc. 

I'm also exploring the world of discipline. I spanked him (once, lightly) the other day when he hit me. That was the first time, and he didn't handle it well. Started shrieking and sobbing, but then he just wanted to be cuddled. I think I hurt his feelings more than anything else. I also over the last month or two have flicked him on the hand once or twice as a punishment. Same reaction as to the spanking. Mike does not approve of these corporal punishment tactics. 

It's hard to know how to handle him. He doesn't take me seriously at all. When I say, 'No, E, that's not nice. That's bad!" He'll turn to me and say in a serious tone, "Bad mommy, that's not nice. You don't flick me! Bad mommy." And then I have to try to not laugh. 

As for other parts of life, school is great this semester, particularly since the Claremont Women's Conference is over. That was a huge stresser.  Apparently during my presentation I came off as "hard-edged" according to one man, though to Mike he used the more neutral word"forceful." Please, just because I don't lisp and speak in a primary voice...