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Monday, May 18, 2009

Adventures in Potty Training

Some highlights of the last five days:
  • E doing pretty well the first day. Accidents half the time, successes half the time.
  • Things beginning to unravel on day two.
  • A hellacious third day, with E constantly lying and saying "no, I don't have to pee" and then peeing on the floor five minutes later.
  • A partially hellacious fourth day, with Mike and me terrified of E peeing all over the church. Mike has an intensely nervous experience with E in the foyer during Sacrament meeting, seeing as he had recently drunk a juice box and hadn't peed in 2 hours. I take the first hour of nursery (E has accident) and Mike takes the second hour, in which E tackles six or seven other kids.
  • A fantastic fifth day! Only one accident. Amazing. E turns out to be highly motivated by candy.