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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm depressed

Mike got called to be ward clerk a few days ago. I'm pretty bummed about it.

He'll do a great job. He's responsible, sensitive, kind, and has lots of ideas on how to help people in our huge oversized ward. But I feel personally screwed. Yes, I'm being selfish here. Admitted.

Mike will have to be at church 3 hours before church starts every single sunday. Sometimes 4 hours before church starts. Which leaves me alone every Sunday morning to get our soon to be baby ready - alone. We'll drive separately to church every week. I think I'll probably be taking off after Sacrament meeting a lot of the time, since Mike will probably be too tied up with clerking to go to sunday school with me. And really, not to be too mean, but there's really not a lot I get out of SS other than spending time with Mike and hoping that he'll make an intelligent comment here and there.

And then of course, Mike will be esconsed in this room with the three most powerful men in the ward, discussing all the wards successes and failures, all the people who need help and aren't getting it. And Mike will have all these spiritual highs as he prays with them and gives his very reasonable and good advice. And I'll know nothing about it because Mike's too noble to tell me anything that might be considered confidential. No, I'll be home taking care of the baby. Just like a good Mormon woman.