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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paraphrased Conversation

(After a disagreement about how Mike doesn't want me to reveal private details of his life on my blog.)

Caroline: Am I allowed to write a post about how I'm not allowed to talk about you anymore on my blog?
Mike: That's not even true. You can mention me, but I'm not comfortable with you talking about things I consider private.
Caroline: Am I allowed to write a post about how you don't want to be mentioned in detail anymore on my blog?
Mike: I've never wanted to be mentioned in detail on your blog. That's not changed. And I've told you that many times.
Caroline: So am I allowed to write a post about how you don't want to be mentioned in detail and never wanted to be mentioned in detail on my blog?
Mike: Before you post it, let me know what you write.
Caroline: Ok, baby. I'm here to make you happy.
Mike: You're not here to make me happy. You're here to make me less upset. Ok. time for me to watch Burn Notice.

(After going over this post and having me change words here and there)

Mike: What's the difference between a sadist and a masochist?
Caroline: Sadist likes to inflict pain on others, masochist on themselves.
Mike: Well you're a sadist AND a masochist. You like to dig into the painful details of our lives. And besides that, you're an exhibitionist.
Caroline: This would make a great blog conversation.

Infertility Fun

The last couple months, I've been been going to the doctor's to try to figure out why I'm not getting pregnant. So far, I've had blood drawn (no sweat) and an intrusive test in which they pumped iodine throughout my uturus and ovaries and tubes to see if there are any blockages. The two tylenal they told me to take beforehand really didn't do much to numb the horrific pain.

The only good thing to come of the experience is the knowledge that I'm apparently functioning fine. Now it's Mike's turn to get tested. Hopefully we'll get some concrete answers soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A visual rundown of my life this last month

The gorgeous NaPali coast in Kauai. I had a blast on the boat ride to see the coastline.

Mike desperately trying not to throw up on the 5 hour Napali Coast boat ride. Notice how tightly he clenches the bar in front of him...

Mike rowing us up the Waimea Canyon river.

Mike and I at the Secret Waterfall in Kauai

Cousin David, baby E, and Mike in the swimming pool. Incidentally, this picture was taken on our 8th wedding anniversary.