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Thursday, November 21, 2013

It's Been A While

Well, a lot has happened in the almost 3 years I haven't blogged on Madwoman. Namely, the appearance of Anthony Kline McBride, born 3-7-12. I adore him, even if he is needy.

He's 20 months and just starting to talk. He was screaming out "muck!" this evening when Mike pulled out the milk. He's got down "dog", "no", "nana" (for banana), "nuts", "yes", all sorts of animal sounds, some facial features (he likes to stick his finger in my eye and scream "eyes!"), "mammy" (for grammy), "Anra" (for Alexandra), and of course "mama" and "dada".

He's a physical kid -- he likes to wind up and hit people/things when he's unhappy. He's also a climber. I find him standing on the dining room table often, and his new trick is to straddle the arm of the sofa, then stand on it, then launch himself on to the sofa while gleefully shrieking. Not good.

He is great about going to bed though. I'm so relieved that I only have to rock him for a minute or two, and then he'll peacefully go down. If only he would consistently sleep all through the night...