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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life as I Know It

A is 20 months old now and speaking in sentences (of sorts). My favorite A words at the moment? "Fruck" for truck. "Frackers" for crackers. "Frink" for drink. And of course her heart-meltingly sweet "OK" whenever she's been viciously fighting her diaper change, and I finally convince/bribe/beg her to lie still.

She's starting to manifest jealousy when I talk to other people. Like today when I was at the park and was talking briefly to another woman, she started yelling at me, "Talk me! Talk me!" Too cute.

I made some exceedingly ugly chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Misshapen, lumpy, specks of batter randomly dotting the cookie sheet in between the cookies. Mike commented on how ugly they were, particularly in comparison to the neat cookies of his childhood, but how good they tasted. Maybe this is a subconscious metaphor for me as his spouse? Unorganized, chaotic, kind of a mess in various ways, but interesting and tasty? I can only hope...